Everything you need to know about us

In VENUSIUM, we commit ourselves to excellence in every aspect of the production process, including the extraordinary care of the animals we grow

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We want to provide the best egg with the best food value

And after working in the topography of the city of Tarsus in Turkey

We built our facilities in the mountains of Tarsus in the province of Mersin


VENUSYUM is following strict chicken policy

To reduce the pollution, we periodically remove chicken wastes by safe means

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

(Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock)

Contribute to a better environment


in VENUSYUM is our Our commitment and commitment

In our farms, air, soil and water saving are our top priorities to offer a product of the best products


Our farm managers follow our strict policies in creating the right environmental conditions for our hens to thrive. They include providing:

  • Fresh air to maintain proper oxygen levels
  • Indoor protection from predators and extreme weather
  • Proper lighting that allows for good vision and makes it easier for staff members to spot diseases or irregularities

Animal Care

We care about the health of chickens and the safety and protection of cages from all serious diseases that prevent it.

Food is monitored and monitored throughout the week to ensure quality and authenticity

We apply best nutritional measures to prevent outbreaks in our cohorts

We follow biosecurity, strict sterilization laws and prevent unauthorized entry of veterinarians

These precautions provide high-quality safety and protection to raise chickens and provide an ideal environment for providing the best eggs to the consumer.

The priority of your feeding on VENUSYUM is our

We are responsible for the environment

Interesting facts about eggs

Eggs have been an important component of the human diet, which has been rich in vital nutrients since ancient times

It can also be prepared in numerous ways